High Qualified Native Teachers

we are honor to present you, Farsi Online School’s teachers all are expert in teaching languages and most of them are bilingual and multilingual teachers.


Easy and Fast Method

The teacher, first try to teach the subjects in the classes and  according to the lessons assign some exercises to the students for evaluating them, and all dark points of new lessons will be solved in the class. and some complementary exercises will be provided for the pupils, such as Game, Movie, Written exercises and conversation practice, so the students can have fun during learning too. 


Farsi for Solid Business / Correspondence

For those who are interested in Business language also the classes are provided based on their need. In these courses correspondence, business vocabulary, conversation and all context which is needed in the solid business world will be taught. 


For Comprehensive Understanding Farsi Literature

This program is arranged for Farsi students in universities, and those who are keen to learn about history literature, poets and writers.