Farsi Alphabet (Beginner Level)

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Farsi alphabet consists of 32 letters, the alphabet derived from Arabic, but in Farsi there are for more letters which later will explain more details:

Farsi Alphabet

As already explained in Farsi , there are four more letters  which are   پ [p], چ [t͡ʃ], ژ [ʒ], and گ [ɡ].

The pronunciation


  1. Eli |

    I wish to thank you for this first lesson, very clear and complete about the Persian alphabet. I intend to go ahead, as soon as I can keep all 32 letters in my mind! ^_^ Congratulations!

    • missmahgol |

      Thank you for visiting my website 🙂
      I am glad that the first part is useful for you
      stay tunned for new videos and for any question feel free to drop me an email

      Mahdis (F.O.S)


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